Sunday, March 29, 2009

The warmth of copper

I am loving copper today (but only after it's oxidized). So warm and earthy. I spent today working with some copper wire. The pendant features a Tiger eye bead that has some beautiful deep streaks of color. I am really happy with the way it turmed out (yes, as is my usual with my creations, the third time's the charm). I waste a lot of materials and time getting things just right, but I think it's worth it. I call it "Copper Tigress". Clever name hey?
I also made 2 infinity link bracelets out of 18g copper wire. I'm very happy with these also. I love the way copper looks hammered and oxidized.
I've been looking at my fused fine silver "Circle of Love" necklace that I posted a few days ago and something just didn't look right to me. I decided that the jump rings that I had use to attach it to the chain were too large for the piece. Smaller rings wouldn't work because the circle is too wide. I debated whether to put holes in it and attach the rings to the chain that way, but eventually decided that was too risky. I wasn't sure if the circle was wide enough to not have the punch get too close to the edge and pierce the all the way to the edge and ruin the entire circle. So, I used very tiny jump rings to wrap the chain around the circle and attach to the chain itself. I think it works better now. Decisions, decisions.
I'm still working like crazy preparing to bring lots of items to MN in April! Only problem is that I am sorely neglecting the house, kitchen detail and the hubby. He's very understanding, but....


  1. I, too, love the look of copper. Silver is getting so expensive now that copper is a more affordable luxury.I prefer to use my silver with the copper as an accent.
    Your Copper Tigress is really pretty.


  2. I agree, I like the look of copper too. Nice work Sandy!

  3. Many thanks to both of you.

    Carolyn, I just checked out your site. Your work is beautiful! I also have trouble coming up with names for my jewelry:) If I ever do Copper Tigress again (I have 2 more tiger eye beads), I think I'll do the wire wrapping with 1/2 round sterling. My round copper wire that I used was too slippery for accurate wrapping. I'm still not completely happy with the way it looks and I tried 3 times!

    I learn with each new piece I make.