Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tools of the day

I recently purchased a disk cutter and today I made a couple of pairs of earrings using sterling silver sheet metal. First I cut the disks in the cutter by placing the sheet silver under the size hole I wanted, then I pound the cutting die through the sheet, resulting in a disk. My edges were rougher than I would like to see so I had to sand them smooth. I know it's not the best cutter in the world, but I will purchase a better one later on, probably sooner than later actually. I first did some disk cutting in a class I took in January, using my instructors' disk cutter. It was much better quality than mine and gave a cleaner and easier cut. Then, I sanded the edges and hammered some texture into the disks and brushed them to a satin sheen. Then I polished them in a tumbler with steel shot in it, to give it a nice, professional finish. I mounted them together by piercing a hole through them, placing a jump ring through each hole and connecting them to a pair of sterling silver French ear wires. One pair is now listed on etsy and I'm keeping one pair for me! Last night I made a mint green necklace and earring set, so be sure to check my website for new items!

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