Thursday, March 26, 2009

Get on the right track and TAKE ACTION!

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."-- Will Rogers

This is a quote that I've come across 4 times this week; yes, 4! This is not a coincidence. The quote must be out there in the world, just waiting for me to sit up and take notice of it I've noticed!

So far, I've left my etsy site to basically market itself, with the exception of a few days of showcase slot purchases. I really need to figure out how to get more people to notice my site and to know that I'm out there in e-world. How? I'm not sure. Tomorrow I'm going to an etsyrain team lunch to meet and network with other etsy sellers in my area. My hope is to get a discussion going about how we market ourselves. Do we tell people about our site face to face? List and re-list daily? Pass out brochures and business cards to everyone we know? Ask for word of mouth advertising? Send out yet another mass email? There are so many excuses not to do any of these; I'm shy, I don't want to burden anyone, I can't afford it, I'm not tech savvy enough...yada yada... None of them really hold up, do they? Truth is, I need to do this myself. Figure it out and just do it.

It isn't as though I haven't been trying. I've listed new items, re-listed some, posted better photos. I plan to show many friends and family my new items when I visit MN in April. I'm going to networking events. I blog. I'm told I should facebook, but I haven't investigated that yet. I need to think of other things, but what I really want is magic!

In the past week, I've listed 13 new items on my etsy site and had about 50-60 visitors per day. Today, I haven't listed anything new and only had 18 visitors. Nothing new = no hits. I think I need to learn more about tagging and how to bring more new visitors to my site. I need to network more. Somehow, I need to make people aware of my work. I need, I need, I need. I sound like a broken record. Research, research.... off to research. Then - off to take action.

What do you find works the best for your shop in regards to boosting awareness of your site? Any suggestions?

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  1. Hey Sandy.

    Timely post and good thoughts. I think I face the same thing too about how to get people to know about my Etsy store and then, ultimately buy something. I seem to get a lot of views, redone some things based on recommendations I've seen in the forums (general information, nothing specific about my store). I don't know what the 'magic' is either. I'll be anxious to hear what you report from your meeting with the etsyrain team.

    I have tried to join a couple of teams, a few I've never heard back from??? Odd. I will find my Etsy niche at some point, I believe.

    I joined Facebook a few weeks ago and Twitter. Right now I can't comment about whether either has been effective for my Etsy store, just don't have enough info on that yet. I also put my items out on Google Base and I'm not sure I understand what that may be doing for me either. From the data reports, it looks like people have viewed some of my items. I feel like I'm taking a bit of a shot gun approach to marketing.

    Didn't mean to ramble, just wanted to share. I'll look forward to your next post.

    Thanks, Kathleen