Monday, March 2, 2009

Another new toy!

I have another new toy in my toolbox! It's a doming block and punches. After some serious experimenting with copper (much cheaper than sterling) sheet metal, I graduated to sterling and made several new pairs of earrings. I used my disc cutter to make the circles, hammered and/or textured each and then used the doming block to form each into a gentle convex dome. Oh, such fun! I discovered a new tool store in the area (one that my husband didn't know about) and now he says I have to share! The right tool for the job applies to me, too!
Look for my new earring series in my etsy shop. They all remind me of planets and such, so I named them accordingly. I like them so much I made 2 pairs to keep for myself. If anyone has any great name ideas for them, please let me know!


  1. Aren't tools great! And discovering new one makes it such fun.

    Love your new earrings. Really nice.

    As far as names go, I struggle with this myself. You may want to check out as you might find some interesting names out there to match the earrings.

    Great work!

  2. Looking great, I love the solar domes 2 earrings. No ideas about names though,

  3. Thanks for your comments! I've worn my own 2 pairs (duplicates of # 3 and #4) the last 2 days and have received compliments on them each day.
    Thanks for the website idea for names. I will check it out later today.
    Keep Creating!