Friday, March 27, 2009

Team EtsyRain gathering today

One of the advantages of etsy is that sellers in various parts of the country can gather together to form teams and network with each other. Here in western WA, there is a TeamEtsyRain - it's a great group of sellers and the team organizers are very, very good at creating networking activities and getting the word out about various shows, news, opportunities, etc...

Today we had an informal lunch and 9 sellers gathered to meet each other, network, share stories, ideas and suggestions. We all each brought a sample or two of our work; it was very cool to see what other people make. Beautiful items! I think I may have to go etsy shopping, soon!

Here's a list of the websites of those in attendance, so you can see what they make and sell. Visit their shops, and buy handmade - their quality and creativity is unbelievable!

Dana Durham - wonderful knitted and felted wool handbags and painted wine glasses
Suzanne Tidwell - creative handmade towels and clothing
Dina Templeman - fragrant handmade soaps - cloth diapers - and at Country Cuttins
Char - fabulous handmade stitchery
Kristin - happy hair accessories
Kasey - fun children's playthings and new things made from old T's and at NuetoME
Jill MacCorkle - beautiful beaded jewelry
Beth Newfeld - incredible felted bags, scarves, gloves
Marlo Miyashiro - clever fabric totes and jewelry
and me, Sandy - a shameless plug for my own jewelry shop!


  1. Thanks for the "blog love"! It was great meeting you too. Hope to see you at another EtsyRAIN event soon :)

  2. I had so much fun! Thanks for the blog mention!

  3. Thanks for mentioning us on your blog, I have a great time meeting and chatting with everyone!!

  4. Thanks for a great meeting all! Robbie, you and your sister were sooo good! I loved the animal puzzle you two were working on!