Saturday, July 25, 2009

Two bracelets and a failing computer keyboard

I'm back from my trip to MN. As always, it was a whirlwind trip trying to see as many people as I can squeeze into my 4 days.

The top photo is a sterling riveted bracelet that I made as a fundraiser item for the Randy Shaver Cancer Research & Community Fund in MN.

The bottom photo is a sterling and copper riveted bracelet that will be on etsy soon.

It has taken me 30 min to post this - my keyboard is sticking and responds only about 10 percent of the time. Any suggestions????

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Something new & I'm off to MN in the morning!

I love taking jewelry classes. Today's class was especially enjoyable with one of my favorite instructors, Janice Berkebile of Wired Arts, plus a really friendly, creative group of women. We laughed a lot today!

Today's class involved learning to make fused chains. We used fine silver wire, cut precision rings out if it, fused each ring (I was really out of practice fusing and ruined the first half of the rings I tried), then we stretched out each ring, folded it over and linked each one together to make this bracelet. I like it and am planning to make more after I return to WA next week. I think I'll play around a little with the size of each link and try to make something a little more delicate looking than this one. Janice experimented and put beads inside each link for a very interesting look. A necklace out of these links with large, sterling beads, stone and crystal accents is also something I'm planning to make in the future. Janice had one and oh, it is gorgeous!

Tomorrow, I'll be taking off to visit family and friends in MN for a couple of days. Hubby will stay home and mind the pets. I'll be bringing lots and lots of jewelry with me - most of it has never been on etsy, so if you'd like to take a look, give me a call and we'll see if I can fit you into my already busy schedule!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How do you mark time?

When you think of past events, how do you remember when they happened? Do you mark time by historical events? By where you worked or lived? By who was there? By where you were?

It may be a bit morbid, and probably more information about me than you care to know, but I mark time by who was/was not alive at the time of the event. Like most people, I’ve had many losses in my lifetime. Today marks the 21st anniversary of my most significant, life changing loss. My first husband, the love of my life, was killed tragically in a car accident 21 years ago today. In one split second, life as I knew it would never be again. Suddenly, I was a young widow and a single mother.

Even though now years later, I’ve managed to somehow create a different life, actually a very happy life, this date is always one of great reflection for me. I am grateful for so many things; for 10 years of marriage to him, for the beautiful child we had together, that we learned to build a life out of love, hard work, humor, true joy, caring and understanding. His positive attitude towards life was contagious and I am forever blessed by his influence and love in my life. So on this day, I’ll remember, reflect, honor and give thanks for my many blessings and for the people that I’ve loved and have loved me.

Today, while we have the opportunity, let's take a moment to say "I love you" to the people we love.