Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Mother's Jewelry Box - Part 6

Today's installment of "My Mother's Jewelry Box" includes a tie clasp of my Dad's. Just as I keep my Mom's jewelry in my own box, my Mom kept a little bit of my Dad's in her box. Dad passed away several years before Mom did. This photograph of them was taken about a month before Dad passed away. The tie clasp he's wearing in the photo is the same tie clasp in her box. I can't think of my Mom without thinking of Dad, too. He was quiet, kind and gentle. One of his colleagues described him to me this way "He was truly a gentle-man in every sense of the word."
But that plaid suit? Ugh!


  1. I can so see you in their faces. They look wonderful.
    Have really enjoyed this series.
    I have been thinking about you a lot lately. The boot comes off in another week, and then I need to hustle to get ready for the Shoreline Show I got into. Want to get together in about a week to make some bling?
    Hugs, Halina

  2. Hi Halina! Thanks for reading my blog!
    I would LOVE to get together with you whenever you're ready! We need a playdate :) Call or email anytime, hun.