Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Heart is Filled with Love!

This week, the Year of Jewelry Project 2011 theme was "Amore". My submission turned out to be the piece on the left. I've titled it "A Heart Full of Love".

This isn't what I had intended though. A few weeks ago I started to prepare a pendant for this theme, using a beautiful little heart shaped black obsidian stone from my collection. I created the silver setting. But then while placing the stone in the setting, I cracked off the bottom tip of the stone. This left me with what I thought would be a useless, empty bezel setting. Scrap metal. Ugh!

It pains me to waste silver and a perfectly good bezel setting. I just knew I had to find a use for it. I thought about experimenting with resin and filling the bezel with red or pink resin, but I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day specific jewelry. And I know resin takes a little getting used to; the first pieces people make in resin usually don't turn out well. I can only handle one disaster per setting.

Thinking, empty heart... What can I fill it with? Love! Shiny little balls of melted sterling, each one representing people I love. People who fill up my heart! You can see there are a few little gaps, room for more little balls in the future because there is always room in my heart to love one more person.

I'm wishing all of you a day filled with a heart full of love!

fyi, Here's a photo of the original piece with the chipped obsidian stone:


  1. It turned out great. What a great idea for an empty bezel...I have a few of those.

  2. I've replaced the original photo (shiny) with today's version of this piece. I added LOS patina to the inside of the heart to give it some depth. I like it even better now!