Tuesday, September 8, 2009


One of the wonderful things about creating any form of art is that it's always an evolving route of discovery. You start out with a plan. Sometimes it's a well drawn out design on paper, sometimes it's just a vague idea; you know, a feeling or an image that needs to evolve as you go. This pendant had a plan in the beginning, but messed up solders, starting over, ornamentation that just didn't feel quite right and then finally, fresh ideas that changed everything as I went along the path of creating this piece. It's aptly called "Discovery".
Another thing I discovered along the way an is an appreciation of the unique quality of the stone itself. I've had it for months now and have set it aside many times, waiting for inspiration, but I never really looked at it or held it in my hands for any length of time. It has layers and layers of embedded colors, ranging from ocean blues, turquoise, grays and rust. Most of my jewelry thus far has been made entirely of metals. I haven't included stones very often, but now that I've learned some new techniques, I find I'm working with and designing things around my stones to highlight their beauty and unique qualities. I'm discovering just how different each stone is and that different stones make you feel something. It may be a calmness, a sense of being grounded to the earth, a sense of excitement... I get to know each stone as I work with it and hold it, forming a frame around it to showcase it. I can honestly say I'm discovering so many exciting things while I create jewelry. And it's not about the jewelry.


  1. Hi Sandy!

    This is a beautiful piece. The stone is lovely and the way you have set it does what I like the best, it's clean lines showcase the stone. Awesome.

    Another thing about your post is the eloquence of your writing. I so enjoy reading how you developed your ideas for this and conveyed that in this post.

    I agree, it's not all about the jewelry, there definitely is something that is conveyed to the artist as they touch the elements involved in creating their work! For me, the glass speaks to me...it may sound strange to some, but I know you understand what I'm saying. :)


  2. I know of what you speak. I almost never have a preconceived idea of what I'm going to do with a piece. I have vague ideas and as I go along my metal "speaks" to me to let me know what it wants to be. Metal has the loudest "voice" for me then stones and beads.
    I love what you did with your stone. The simplicity of of the setting shows the stone beautifully.


  3. Kathleen and Carolyn,
    Thank you both for your comments. I definitely understand what you mean when your glass/metal speak to you. That's when I sigh and think, "Oh course."