Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seattle Summer - an EtsyRain Treasury!

Our local etsy team, Team EtsyRain, had a challenge to create something that reminds the us of a Seattle summer. I love going to farmers markets and picking up fresh fruit; cantaloupe is one of my favorites, so I created a multi-hue orange/peach necklace. Everyone's entries have been combined into this treasury! Take a look and enjoy. Summer is finally here in Seattle!

I also want to give a shout out in praise of Team etsyrain's organizers. They really do a lot to help local etsy sellers. Thanks Kayce for putting this treasury together!


  1. Lovely treasury you put together. I just am a newbie to the Team EtsyRain. Looks like a wonderful group of creative personalities! Thank you for following my newbie blog too :) I look forward to following you here.

    For the love of all things mimsy,

  2. I hope to meet you someday at an etsyrain gathering!