Monday, February 23, 2009


Yesterday, I mentioned that I had listed a few items on a new website, Today, I sold 2 pairs of earring on that site! So, I posted a few more items there. Apparantly, the site gets some notice and since there aren't as many sellers on it, my items stay visible. So far, I like this site!
P.S. Thurs, Feb. 26th- As I work with this site, I find it's very, very slow to load pages. If I were a buyer on this site, I think I would get impatient. For now, Etsy will still be my main site. I'll post a few items on ShopHandMade, but problably won't post all of my items there.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. That's good to know. From the discussions taking place on the Etsy forums, it sounds like sales are down right now. Great to hear you are having sales at another site! Congrats.