Sunday, February 22, 2009

Competition and other web site options?

Today I spent some time researching options for other web stores to list my jewelry. I settled on one called and set up a 2nd store there (the link is to the right). I only listsed a few of my items on this site, just to see if it gets any exposure in the market. There are over 40,000 jewelry items listed on! It's a popular site with buyers, I have a hard time keeping my items at the front of the pile so they are seen by buyers. I think I've had a fair number of sales for the 2 months I've had items listed on etsy, but I think I'll try other options, too and see if I get any results that way. We shall see.... I've never been a very competitive person and I'd rather make jewelry than spend time maintaining my website on a daily basis.

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