Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little diversion from a custom order

I've spent the past few days working on a custom set of Mother's rings. The end result is going to be gorgeous and I'm excited to complete them. The set consists of 3 birthstones, each one on a separate stacking ring, plus 2 more stacking rings to separate them. I'm waiting for one more supply I need to complete the rings, but while I'm waiting, I decided to use one of the extra stones to create this simple, understated necklace. The stone is a gleaming Peridot gemstone. I've set it in sterling silver and attached it so it floats freely along the dainty sterling silver chain. I hammered the top of the bezel for a little extra texture and interest. You can see it in detail on my etsy site here.


  1. Love this necklace Sandy.

  2. Thank you, Sandi!
    I miss seeing new work form you. I hope you're getting settled and able to find suitable workspace soon.

  3. Oh wow, it's really nice diamond with beautiful color and shape.
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