Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blossom into Spring!

Spring has finally arrived! Buds are forming on branches, the sun is shining and I'm waiting to see the first blossom of spring. Spring brings with it the promise of renewal and good things to come. This necklace represents that wonderful promise of nature.
I've crafted this unique necklace out of sterling silver wire and a single cultured pearl. The sterling silver twigs have been hand formed, heavily textured, given a patina and then sanded to a soft, satin finish. The lone cultured pearl is securely attached to the twig on a soldered sterling post. Sterling silver long-and-short chain is attached giving the necklace a length of 18" and is easily adjustable to be shorter.
You can find more photos and information in my etsy shop here.
Happy Spring!


  1. I really like this design Sandy. Simple, elegant, clean. A definite winner!

    ~ Kathleen Krucoff

  2. Thanks Kathleen. I'm really pleased with this too. This is what I made for this weeks' Year of Jewelry Project. The theme this week is "Made with 2 ft of wire". That was a challenge for me, since I'm not really a wire-girl anymore. I love the way the weekly themes help me to get out of my box a little, yet still allow me to create something that is "me". And I'm learning a lot from the other participants, too!

  3. Your necklace is really pretty...the pearl is the perfect looks just like a new blossom.

  4. Sandi! That's exactly the look I was going for.

  5. Thank you, Kristi!

    Sandi C, - I thought I typed the words "Thank You" before your name on the above comment. Not sure why it doesn't show, but Thank You!